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Resource Center
This resource centre is situated at St.Ann’s College of Education, S.D.Road, Secunderabad. All the research work done in any new areas are recorded and stored in the form of CD’s recorded.
This centre has evidences of some of the best outcomes of students projects, lesson plans, computer related CD’s and portfolio records.
All innovative practices of staff are also preserved in this resource centre. This is accessed by both staff and students.

Principal and Senior staff members are engaged in consultancy services. Consultancy services. Consultancy varies from intellectual inputs, outsourcing of educational innovations, extending technology equipments, conducting workshops/ seminars/ orientation programmes, project designing, writing modules, members of different executive boards and extension of services to SCERT/ MANA TV/ NOS and co-operating organizations.

Research Projects
All staff are engaged in research projects. The research projects are taken at source focuses on improving teaching methods, curriculum and other areas.
Staff take up minor research projects sponsored by UGC. Proposals are submitted to UGC. Proposals are submitted to UGC, AP for grants.

The topics under research are

1. Reshaping ESL (English as a Second language) students perceptions of writing

2. Creative arts into syllabi of school and college curriculum for promoting all round development.

3. Social Skills of Children with Mental Retardation: A Pedagogical Intervention.

4. English Language Teaching Lab and its Role in Empowering and Developing Proficiency of Telugu Medium Students.

5. Fostering Emotional Intelligence Among Dyslexic Learners in Collaboration with Parents.

6. Interactive Designing of Basic Science Concept Support Autistic Children in Inclusive Classroom


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