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The ‘Pedagogy of the Heart’ is a love story that began in the 18th century in France.  Looking back through the tunnel of vision and pausing….. the mind conjures vivid images of dreams and determinations, of hopes and aspirations, of making the world a fertile ground of equality and fraternity, of opportunities, love and peace – all encapsuled within the seed that gathered momentum in the thought of those great Visionaries who gave it their all, a mission that was then taken up by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann, with its Generalate in Rome.  Toiling, foregoing their comforts, embracing hardships, relentlessly with joined hands, and humble demeaner these doves raised the foundation of teacher education, a natural culmination of the philosophical edifices of the ‘Pedagogy of the Heart’

Protecting the rights of women was their prayer.  Co-relating rights to duties, from 1966 the sisters sought to emancipate the ‘self’ of the women of Telangana by moulding them into instruments in accordance with the design conceived by those heroic visionaries-Founders Marquis Carlo Tancredi and Marchioness Giulia Colbert of Barolo.

There could be no emancipation without education. This impregnated thought gave birth to a curriculum for teacher education.  Today, pausing at the threshold of the 21st century we have defined ourselves -- the Annite culture –focusing on the all-round development of self through enriching B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes based on the principles of experimental and existential learning.  The core of the Annite Culture revolves around transformation of the heart manifesting in rational, emotional and social maturity. Thus, the ‘Pedagogy of the Heart’ re-incarnates in Gandhiji’s vision of education: involving the Head, Heart and  Hand- heralding a new dawn. 



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